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Specialist translators guarantee high quality translations for academic texts.


Our people have been providing quality translations both for businesses and private individuals since 2001. We have specialist translators for a vast array of subjects, one of these being academic translations. This includes translations for articles, dissertations, research papers, books, reviews and theses in all academic fields. Our specialist translators take pride in providing accurate translations that maintain the integrity of the original text.

Specialist academic translators

An academic translation needs to be incredibly accurate and requires a translator to possess fine attention to detail. They must be devoted to following the style of the original text and of utmost importance is their familiarity with the often highly complex nature of the subject. For this reason, we use an in-depth screening process to select the translator with the experience and knowledge that best complements the subject of the text. The translator will have either extensive work experience in that area or, most often, a degree in a related field themselves. As that particular field is their passion, they are dedicated to providing translations of the highest quality.

Our aim

Our goal is to produce a translation that reads as though the author had written it in the target language themselves. In order to achieve this we select the translator who:

The result is a high quality translation that can be used in the international academic world. You can always contact one of our project managers to discuss your particular project. Or take a look around the website to learn more about our specialisations and working methods.

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