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Our project managers are ready to help you and can provide you with a quotation for translations into and out of Amharic for the purpose of doing business in Ethiopia.

Amharic is one of the official languages of Ethiopia. The traditional population of the capital of Addis Ababa and the population of the Amhara region all speak Amharic. The language is also spoken in parts of Eritrea, Egypt, Israel, and even Sweden. It is a Semitic language like Arabic. If you want to do business in Ethiopia or in north-eastern Africa, then it is handy if you have a translation agency upon which you can depend for expert translations to and from Amharic. We have various translators who can translate many types of document to and from Amharic.

Doing business successfully in Ethiopia

The population of Ethiopia is 400 million. It has the potential to be a very interesting market for large and small companies alike where they trade in consumer products. The economy is largely dependent upon the agricultural industry but it is precisely in this area that Ethiopia has a great deal of potential. There is good land and the climate offers innumerable opportunities for investment in the agricultural and - specifically - the organic produce sectors. The Ethiopian government has entered into a good many international agreements in order to make it possible to trade in products with Ethiopia. The country is also gaining more appreciation as a holiday destination. An increasing number of international hotels are being established all over Ethiopia. When you invest in Ethiopia, it’s important to have certain documents translated into Amharic. Legal documents and financial papers are necessary for investment, for instance, but manuals for staff, lists of ingredients, claims, or medical dossiers are also often needed.

The professional Amharic translation agency

We provide companies and private individuals with translations into and out of Amharic. We work with professional translators who are native speakers of Amharic. We can arrange professional translators of Amharic in various disciplines. You can reach us from all over the world, even from Ethiopia. Get in touch with us and we will tell you more about Amharic or about the translation process. You can request a no-obligation quotation by filling in the quotation form or sending us the document to be translated by email. Our translators will provide you with a quotation as soon as possible.

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