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There are various varieties of German, of which standard Austrian German is a good example. It is the form of German that is spoken in Austria and northern Italy and it differs in a number of aspects from the language spoken in Germany. If you want to do business in Austria, go there on holiday, or publish something there, it is important to be aware of the differences. If you want to communicate fluently in Austria, our translation agency can provide you with an excellent service. Our skills and experience mean that we can help you by translating material such as, for example, business documents. Feel free to get in touch with our project managers for more information.

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Austrian German is a form of High German and differs in many ways from the standard language spoken in Germany. Pronunciation is different and the vocabulary includes a great many words which only it has adopted from other languages. It is spoken by more than eight million people. Austrian German, like the neighbouring ‘German’ German and Swiss German, is a member of the Germanic language family, which also includes English, and that family is in turn a member of the Indo-European family of languages. The most distinctive difference between Austrian standard German and German standard German is that the ‘p’, ‘t’, and ‘k’ and the umlaut are pronounced more softly. Austrian German also has a great many words which no other Germanic language, variant, or dialect has which have been borrowed from other languages. This is because Austria was once the centre of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. Twenty-three of these terms are protected by the accession treaty of Austria to the EU as recognition of this language variety’s identity.

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Many Austrians attach a great deal of value to their variety of German and its vocabulary. You will therefore make a very good impression if you can demonstrate during negotiations that you are fluent in their language and the appropriate terminology; not everyone is familiar with the idiosyncrasies of Austrian German. Our translation agency is in the best position to help you translate your business documents into Austrian German, helping you to make a good impression on your visits to the country. If you are curious, feel free to get in touch with us for more information. Quite naturally, you can also request a no-obligation quotation. You can do this by filling in the quotation form or sending the document to us by email.

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