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Portuguese translations for Brazil are provided by our specialist translators.

Translation for Brazil

Brazil has seen very strong economic growth in recent years, and more and more companies are making their way to the South American country to offer their products and services. This movement demands professional translations to ease the contact between Brazilian and Dutch economic operators. We have a great deal of experience in the translation of all sorts of documents to and from Brazilian Portuguese. Whether it’s emails, letters, websites, or technical manuals, our professional translators will always produce an appropriate translation. Of course it can be a tense and exciting period when setting up a business enterprise abroad, but we guarantee quality translations that you can immediately put to use. Knowing that your correspondence is in good hands is one less thing to worry about!

The history of Brazilian Portuguese

The official language in Brazil is Portuguese, but the language differs in some aspects from the Portuguese that is spoken in Portugal. Brazilian Portuguese has 10,000 more words thanks to the rich history of influences to which it has been subjected, of which the greatest stems from the language of the Tupinamba tribe. This language was spoken throughout practically the whole of Brazil until the end of the seventeenth century. We now hear many of these words in the names for animals, plants, and places.

Brazil also has lots of different dialects as a consequence of its enormous size and the many tribes that have lived there throughout history. These dialects can roughly be categorised by region (north, east, south, and west) or by state. Most dialects in Brazil are a mix of traditional tribal languages and Portuguese. People also speak a dialect in some of the cities, such as Carioca in Rio de Janeiro and Paulistano in São Paulo. Our translators are always aware of these subtle distinctions and can always help you find the right translation.

Doing business in Brazil

Doing business in Brazil is very different to doing it in the United Kingdom. One of the greatest pitfalls is the amount of time that negotiations can take. While we in the UK may not be as fast as they are in some countries, Brazilians really do like to take their time. Things don’t go quite as quickly as we might be used to. If you’re expanding your business in Brazil, it will be important to exercise a certain degree of patience.

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