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We have just the right Bulgarian translator - experienced and professional - for every specialist field.

Our experienced translators are always native speakers of the target language and they specialise in the specific field into which they translate. It is an approach which means that you can be assured of a quality translation. We can translate from Bulgarian into any language whatsoever and vice versa. Furthermore, we also always pay particular attention to the translator’s specialisation: for each field we select the person with the most experience. Whether your text is medical, technical, or legal, we have the expertise at our disposal.


Bulgarian, like many languages in Europe, belongs to the Indo-European language family. It is one of the Slavic languages, a group of languages which have been spoken in eastern Europe for centuries. About twelve million people speak Bulgarian, most of which live in Bulgaria itself. The language is also one of the few Slavic languages which makes use of articles. Bulgarian’s influence extends beyond the Slavic language family; the language has also had a perceptible effect on Turkish, German, French, and Latin.

Doing business in Bulgaria

If you’re going to be doing business in Bulgaria, we will be very happy to translate for you. Business in Bulgaria is done just that little bit differently than you’re probably used to. For more information about the business culture in Bulgaria, see the page below.

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