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As well as English, French is widely spoken in many parts of Canada.

The province of Québec is Canada’s second largest. With its own culture, language and legal system, Québec offers unique opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs who would like to do business with the Québécois. French history is deeply rooted in Québec culture. Not only the French language, but also the principles of the French legal system are still present in Québec’s legal framework. The working language in Québec is French, but it’s a specific variant that differs from the French that we have in Europe: Canadian French.

Opportunities in Québec

In recent years, Québec has emerged as an interesting place for business opportunities. Montreal and Québec City are the largest cities. In particular, the French and the Belgians have chosen Québec as an investment location within North America. However, Québec is a great stepping stone into North America for all foreign investors. It has the lowest tax rates in North America, and both government and business invests in technological research and development. There are plenty of well-trained workers available, and Québec’s infrastructure is in good shape.

Translations into and from Canadian French

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Professional translations make doing business in Canada easier.

Given the positive investment climate in Québec, European companies are increasingly establishing themselves in this part of Canada. For example, you can have work contracts, brochures, marketing campaigns and daily correspondence translated into Canadian French. We use professional translators who are native speakers of the target language.

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