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Translation services for Chinese languages including Cantonese.

Several languages are spoken in China, and these in turn have different variants. For example, Cantonese, also called Yue or Yueh, has hundreds of different variants and dialects, which can differ by town or city. In general, the Cantonese language refers to Hong Kong Cantonese, the language spoken in Hong Kong.


Cantonese is a tonal language. This means that the same syllable can change in meaning depending on the pitch at which this syllable is said. The same syllable can therefore have six to nine different meanings depending on the tone used when speaking. The Zhuang languages, the Hmu language, and the Hlai languages are all related to Cantonese. Mandarin also bears some similarity to Cantonese in that Mandarin is also a tonal language. However, these languages are so different that their speakers are unable to understand each other. Cantonese is spoken by around 67 million people and is written with Chinese characters.

Doing business in China

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If you are expanding your business to China, you will need professional translations.

Our translation agency has been working for many years now with very experienced interpreters and translators who have Cantonese as their mother tongue. We also have access to specialists in a whole range of subjects; from medical to technical and from legal to marketing. If you are looking to expand your business to China or Hong Kong, you can read more on our website about doing business in China.

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