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Despite what people might think, Chinese and Korean have little in common. They belong to different language families and have different origins. Furthermore, ‘Chinese’ doesn’t really exist; there are several Chinese dialects. For those who don’t speak the languages, they may seem similar, but where there are similarities these are only superficial. The similarities that can be found are due to the Korean language having long been in contact with a Chinese dialect from which certain words have been taken. The languages are otherwise not mutually intelligible. Speakers of the respective languages often have to deal with each other, however. This is not just through political contact and collaboration at a governmental between the two countries but also thanks to business and tourism, which means that translations are anything but superfluous. Our translation agency is able to provide you with translations out of Chinese and into Korean. Our translators have an enormous amount of experience but they also have the expertise to deliver your document the way it should be.

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The translators at our agency are unique. Over the course of time, we have gathered around us some of the best translators in the world, but we can also demand the highest standards from them. One requirement is that all of our translators are native speakers in the target language. When we translate for you from Chinese into Korean, it’ll be done by a translator who has grown up with Korean since childhood, which is, of course, beneficial for the quality of the translation. A native speaker also knows like no other how the original text can best be conveyed in the new language. Furthermore, many of our translators specialise in a specific field of expertise. We have, for example, translators who specialise in scientific texts or legal documents. We also have translators who only work on technical or political documents. For practically every area of expertise, we have a translator in our network who specialises in it.

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