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'Simplified Chinese' is the written business language in China.

Our translation agency has a wealth of experience when it comes to translating into and from Chinese. Our professional Chinese translators all specialise in different subjects and we always select a translator for you whose experience matches your text. We have translation experts in financial, legal, medical, technical, IT, marketing, and almost any other subject. We are also happy to translate your text from Danish, Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, or any other language into Chinese.

Chinese on the rise

Chinese is not only one of the most widely spoken languages, it is currently also the fastest growing language. Chinese translations are now in higher demand, partly due to the economic growth in Asia. There are different Chinese languages: ‘simplified’ and ‘traditional’. Generally when people need a Chinese translation they want it in simplified Chinese, which is also known as Mandarin, though we also have many translators who are working into and from the more difficult Cantonese or ‘traditional’ Chinese.

Specialist translators in different subjects

All of our Chinese translators specialise in their own subject areas. So if you have a smooth, accessible text for a brochure, newsletter, or website, then we will use a translator who has a flowing style of writing, one that is suitable for marketing texts. We also have translators who are best suited to working on official documents, such as business agreements or lease contracts. These types of translation project for China have grown considerably over the past few years and we are staying on top of this trend.

Speed and competitive pricing

Our translators often work in the evenings and during weekends in order to ensure a quick turnaround if required. We keep our costs to a minimum, due to software that has been specifically designed for us and which has streamlined our internal processes. As the customer, you’ll benefit from these savings with low prices, while receiving translations that are of the highest levels of quality.

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