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We have specialised translators who are dedicated to medical translation projects.

We have a separate department that is dedicated to medical translation projects. The language used in medical translations is very specific, which is why we only employ specialists for these types of translations, using translators who usually have previous work experience in the medical sector. They are all native speakers of the document’s target language, which ensures that there are no grammatical mistakes. Being precise is paramount in these types of translations.

Some of our regular medical clients

One of our ongoing medical translation projects involves providing translations for the collaboration between Duke Clinical Research in the US and Clinical Research Services in Germany, who handle large-scale clinical trials. These projects involve translations from and into almost any language imaginable as they are used in many countries worldwide.

Another example is the translation of research reports which doctors in a large number of hospitals and other medical institutions are continuously conducting. All these reports must be very carefully translated in order to gain approval for a particular drug. Our people have provided these reports, translating from Czech, Polish, Slovenian, German, and Hungarian into English. These translations are also provided with an electronic certificate that authenticates the translation. These documents all form part of the procedure that’s used for gaining approval for a new drug. Each day of delay in the launch of a new drug incurs enormous costs, so our medical translation department focuses on a quick turnaround time for these translation projects.

In addition to these large, long-term medical projects, we also translate the patient information leaflets that are provided with medication and medical equipment manuals. These types of document are generally translated into English. However, we also have Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Scandinavian translators who specialise in this area.

Examples of medical translations

Below is a selection of documents with which we have proven translation experience:

To learn more about our expertise, please refer to our medical projects overview.

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