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We work only with the best Danish translators.

Premium translations for low prices

We strive to provide the best quality translations for the lowest possible price. Our prices vary due to several factors, and most freelance translators will adjust their price for each individual quote depending on the level of difficulty for the text and upon the required deadline. Our project managers have close ties with our translators, so they know exactly which translators in our database of more than 1,500 Danish specialists are available at any specific point in time. This way, we can ensure a high quality translation at a competitive price with a quick turnaround time.

Professional translators

We hand-pick experienced translators to work for us who have adequate training in their field. They are dedicated, reliable experts who take their job seriously. When selecting translators we pay particular attention to:

  • price levels
  • experience in different subjects
  • relevant Danish translation courses
  • positive references
  • speed of delivery
  • a knowledge of languages

The translator needs to have a good affinity with the subject in hand in order to deliver a high quality translation, as well as needing to be fluent in the source language and a native speaker of the target language.

As our freelance translators also work over the weekend and in the evenings, a fast turnaround time is always guaranteed.


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