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The words Dari, Farsi, and Persian are often used interchangeably. Farsi or Persian are often used as a term for all forms and dialects. The official form of Persian as spoken in Iran is also sometimes called Farsi. Dari is a variant of the language which often occurs in Afghanistan and the surrounding regions. The languages are so similar that the difference can be compared with that between British and American English. Nevertheless, there are significant differences between them, so that translations can sometimes be very useful. Speakers of the languages often come into contact with each other in many different situations. Both languages are spoken in the same region by people who often have to deal with each other. There are also, of course, political situations and business collaborations in which the two languages come into contact with each other. Precisely because the languages are so closely related, huge communicative mistakes can occur. Translation work can therefore be essential. Our translation agency can be your partner when it comes to translating your documents from Dari to Persian.

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We are an experienced business in the translation market and we know like no other what a good, strong translation is. This is why we have strict requirements for our translators and why we always look for a translator who perfectly matches the text. When your documents have to be translated out of Dari and into Persian, we will appoint a translator who speaks Persian as a native speaker and who is also aware of the connection between the two languages. Our translators have an eye for detail and know like no other how your message can best be conveyed in the new language. Furthermore, many of our translators specialise in a specific field of expertise. Whether you have commercial documents which need translating or documents that are political or legal, we always have a translator in our network who specialises in the subject matter contained within your documents.

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