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Doing business in Afghanistan

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Closing your business deal in Afghanistan is easier with professional translations.

Although to many people Afghanistan is a country of unsettling news reports, over the last few years it has increasingly become a land of potential and opportunity for entrepreneurs. Stability has increased since the fall of the Taliban, partially thanks to the presence of Nato. Most of the population are focused on rebuilding a meaningful life for themselves and are working hard to achieve this. Foreign entrepreneurs who are well prepared can play an important role in this.

Recovering economy

For people wanting to do business in Afghanistan it is useful to realise that this country’s economy is slowly picking up pace after decades of instability. This means that there are definitely opportunities, but that things are often done differently to what people might expect in more Western markets. Being properly prepared is crucial, so here are some essential tips from us, based on our experience.

Tip 1: Analyse the market

Although Afghan consumers may not have access to everything we do, they still have an eye for quality and for the price that goes with it. It is not always easy to introduce a new product onto the market here. Properly analysing the market you wish to enter is therefore a must. The agricultural sector is one of the most promising sectors for foreign entrepreneurs.

Tip 2: Visit the country

Although it sounds logical, in Afghanistan this is especially important. This Islamic state has 34 regions, each with their own customs and rules. By visiting the region and working with local contacts, you can chalk up a great advantage over the competition.

Tip 3: Make the most of the regulations

Both the Afghan and UK governments stimulate international business in Afghanistan through a number of regulations. This includes attractive corporate tax rates and low import tariffs. These regulations can differ from year to year so it is worth informing yourself on this point before venturing in to the Afghan market.

The language

Dari (or Afghan Persian) is the most widely spoken language in Afghanistan, but Uzbek and Turkmen are also used by a large number of Afghans. As a result, it is not always easy to find out what language you need. We will be happy to help you with that. We have a wealth of experience in translating business documents, marketing campaigns, websites, and much more.

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