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Doing business abroad is always an exciting, or tense, undertaking, depending on how you look at it. What can you expect? It is often advisable to do some research beforehand to ensure that negotiations go well, particularly in a relatively unknown country like Armenia. Rules which apply to doing business in Armenia may not always be familiar to people from English speaking countries. If you really want to do business in the country, this article contains some of our tips which may prove useful to you.

Cultural differences

Most of Armenia is Christian and conservative, and you need to take account of this if you want to do business there. These values are expressed, among other ways, in the way people dress and in the way they behave towards each other. It is therefore very important that you make sure that you are formally dressed in almost all cases, even if it isn’t a business appointment. The people of Armenia attach a lot of value to correct attire. You also have to take account of religion in your use of language and how you drink. Such small details can potentially make the difference between a deal going ahead or failing. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a drink, however. A good many Armenians really like a good glass of cognac. When raising a glass, people say ‘kenats!’ which means, roughly translated, ‘survive!’


Armenians are generally very hospitable. Their religion enjoins them to want to help people and you will always be well received. This also applies to business people. Never reject an invitation and show them that you appreciate their hospitality with a gift or other expression of gratitude. If you invite your business partners to the Netherlands, you would do well to return their hospitality.

Show initiative and decisiveness

Most Armenians are quite introverted and won’t take the initiative. It is therefore important during business meetings that you are assertive and that you take the initiative. This will win you respect, which will, of course, help you to conclude matters successfully.


The official language in Armenia is Armenian, which is spoken by practically everyone in the country. Many people also speak Russian and English, and French and German are also often spoken. Don’t be surprised if the business people you meet can speak all of these languages. You will, however, make an impression if you can present the documents needed for negotiations in Armenian and, of course, we can help you to do that. Get in touch with us and let us show you what we can do for you.

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