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Doing business in Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan is a country in which entirely different rules from those of western Europe apply to doing business. If you’re going to be doing business there, then this article will help you understand its business culture. We will be providing you with a few tips so that you will be informed about the customs in the country and the way that business is done there.

Tip 1: Time

You mustn’t underestimate the importance of time in Azerbaijan if you expect to do business there. Whereas we in the West always seem to be in a hurry, people in Azerbaijan are much more relaxed. It is important to bear this in mind when doing business there. We, for example, want to deal with things as quickly as possible. We’re prepared to travel to a country to do business but, at the same time, we want to conclude things quickly so that we can get back home as soon as possible. But that’s not how it works in Azerbaijan. It is therefore advisable to take things as they come, or as they not-quite-yet come and, above all, not to allow yourself to get stressed. It is particularly important not to submit to the temptation to put negotiations under pressure. If you try to force things, there’s a good chance that the negotiations will fail.

Tip 2: Meetings

When you arrive for a meeting and there are several people present, it’s very important to shake everyone’s hand. Introduce yourself and your business partners and bear in mind the fact that it is the responsibility of the most senior person present to introduce the rest of the team.

Tip 3: The business relationship

During a meeting with a potential client or company with which you want to work, you won’t only be talking about business, you’ll often be talking about quite banal things in quite an informal way. Bear in mind, however, that you shouldn’t specifically ask about the other person’s spouse or offspring. Ask instead about their family in general. Also avoid politically sensitive subjects. Sometimes, gifts are exchanged. The custom is to refuse the gift twice but to accept it the third time. Accordingly, if you offer a gift yourself, you should do it three times.

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