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Doing business in Brunei

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Our team have tips for you for doing business successfully in Brunei.

Conducting business abroad often entails being confronted with cultural differences, and these often become greater once you are outside of Europe. It is therefore advisable to learn as much as you can about the customs and ways of doing things in the country in which you will be doing business. Our agency has therefore provided you with some tips for doing business in Brunei.

Getting to know each other

Shaking hands in Brunei is very different from what we are used to in the UK and Europe. Men often shake hands, after which they place their hand on their heart. Most people in Brunei don’t offer a hand to a person of the opposite sex. Remember this and leave it to the person you are meeting to take the initiative. People usually address each other in Brunei by their title. Titles are very important to people in this country. Find out if the person you are meeting has a title and, if so, make sure you use it.

Business cards

Business cards play an important role at business meetings in Brunei. Make sure that you always have more than enough with you. Wait under you have been offered a card before you begin to offer your cards. Take the card that you are given with both hands and study it carefully before you put it away. You then present your card to the person you are speaking to with both hands.


The official language in Brunei is Malay but Chinese is spoken by a large number of the population. Most inhabitants of the country also speak excellent English and many documents are drawn up in that language. It is therefore useful to find out beforehand which language you will be dealing with so that you can have your documents translated into the correct language. Our translation agency will be happy to help you here, of course, whether you need translations into Malay, Chinese, or English. We can also provide you with a sworn translation of official documents where necessary. Legal, technical, commercial, and medical documents are areas of expertise in which we can also help you. We look for the right specialist for every document that has to be translated.

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