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Doing business in Canada

America is generally known as the land of opportunity, but Canada does not play second fiddle to its neighbour in that respect. The Canadian government actively promotes foreign business. A quarter of foreign investment comes from Europe. UK exports to Canada amount to around 7 billion GBP a year. The future holds many more opportunities here because the markets in which the UK excels are precisely those that are on the rise in Canada. Examples of these are train and aircraft manufacturing, aerospace parts, and medical products.

Characteristics of Canadian industry

Canada was recently ranked first for business among the G20 countries by the prestigious business magazine Forbes. This is partly because of the stable character of the business climate, which is not susceptible to unrest and trends from elsewhere in the world. This does not mean that industry stands still though, because innovation is still very high on the agenda. It is possible to have a profitable business in Canada because it is cost efficient. Working with a Canadian company also offers great perspective for the future. We are happy to be able to give you some handy tips on business culture in Canada.

Tip 1: Striking the right balance between formal and informal

In principle, people tend to be formal when doing business. However, it is customary to address people by their first name. When you get a business card from someone, their first name will often feature on it. Feel free to use it.

Tip 2: Be quick and alert

Canadians are keen on seizing opportunities. You should certainly not wait two days to respond to an email. If you are unable to give a definite answer straight away, just let the person know that you’ve received their email and that you will come back with a reply as soon as you can. It is preferable to tie up any loose ends on the same day and keep your Canadian counterpart updated on progress.

Tip 3: Take your clients to lunch

For Canadians, lunch is the perfect time to do business. Invite your potential clients or existing business partners out for lunch. This will certainly be appreciated. A small corporate gift every now and again can do no harm.

Tip 4: Get acquainted with the region

Canada is an enormous country with many different regions. This can mean that one area’s customs may differ from another’s. There are also different languages spoken in Canada, so make sure that the information on your business cards is both in English and French.

Tip 5: Professional translations

We can be of great help to you when doing business in Canada. We will be happy to help you with translations of your contracts, business information, and daily correspondence into Canadian French. Or would you like a professional translation of your CV or business card? We will also be happy to help you with this. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more about our services and experience in the international business world.

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