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Our team will be happy to provide your French translations for Central Africa.

Doing business in Central Africa

Doing business in Central Africa presents many challenges. When you decide to expand your business abroad or to invest there, you will probably already have conducted research into the way the market works there. It is also important, however, to understand the business etiquette when you travel to that region to meet your potential business partners. We have some tips with which you can get started.


You are probably used to everything being set down in detail in a contract when doing business in the West, but if you do business in Central Africa, it’s much more informal and more is agreed verbally. That involves a degree of risk, of course. It is therefore advisable to set down the most important basic matters in writing. It is also often a good idea to make use of a local lawyer who is aware of, and is up to date with, all of the relevant legislation and regulations.

Personal contact

You will also observe that it’s important for your business partners in Central Africa to build up a personal bond with you. Don’t get straight down to business but meet for lunch or dinner first in order to get to know each other better. If you are invited to someone's home, it is always appreciated if you bring some flowers, chocolate, or a present that is typically British.

The language and languages of Central Africa

Various languages, particularly Niger-Congo ones, are spoken in Central Africa but French is the most useful in formal circles given that a number of countries in the region were once French colonies. We will be happy to help you with translations for your business. This might be translations of your daily correspondence but it could also be your website or brochures. Whatever sort of text it is, we always use a professional translator who is a native-speaker of the target language. We also select the right specialist for every project; a translator with the greatest levels of knowledge of the subject.

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