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Doing business in Denmark

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Denmark is renowned for its high-quality products and minimalist style.

Denmark is home to a number of large international companies and is renowned all over the world for its high quality products. British and Danish companies have a long history of successfully doing business together in many areas. In the food and agricultural industries especially, the UK and Denmark have been partners for a long time. Many Danish fashion, designer furniture, and jewellery brands are coveted by the British public. In the shipping and transport sectors there is a lot of business between British and Danish companies. Wind energy is also, of course, a major Danish industry. Additionally, the UK is a major consumer and buyer of Danish bacon.

Doing business with the Danes is generally a pleasant experience. Naturally, it is always a good idea first to find out about Danish business etiquette. Our Danish team has put together a few tips on how to successfully do business with the Danes.

Tip 1: Communication

The Danes are direct in their communication. Direct communication is seen as being honest and sincere, while explanations that are too long give the impression that you have something to hide. Don’t expect to engage in small talk for very long before a meeting or an appointment. The Danes enjoy dry humour, and a joke or two will certainly go down well.

Tip 2: Doing business responsibly

The Danes are not only renowned for their design and high-quality products but also for their commitment to their environment. They also expect this attitude from their British business counterparts. If you are unable to demonstrate that your company is responsible towards the environment or if you do not show social responsibility, your Danish business relations could run into some difficulty. Doing business responsibly is a serious matter in Denmark.

Tip 3: Meetings

In meetings with your Danish business contacts, it is certainly important to get there on time and to have everything properly organised beforehand. You can also expect this from your Danish counterparts. It is customary, prior to a meeting, to draw up an agenda which covers the subjects that will be brought up for discussion. In Denmark it is considered important to have a physical address for your company on your business cards rather than just a PO box. If you want to make a good impression with your Danish business partners, it is worth translating your documents into Danish too, even though they understand English.

Tip 4: Etiquette in business meetings

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Our Danish team will gladly be of service with the translation of all types of business documents.

Handshakes are short and strong in Denmark and it is customary to look each other in the eye. The agenda for a meeting is established beforehand and is also followed. Your clothing should be formal and businesslike and you must only address the person you are talking to by their first name if they have expressly permitted you to do so.

In practice, Danish and British business culture is quite similar. You will easily be able to communicate in English. However, sometimes it will be necessary to have your texts also available in Danish, or to have your correspondence from your Danish business contacts translated into English. We will be happy to help you with this, as well as with polishing your English texts if need be. We have a lot of experience in many areas, from agricultural texts to contracts, business agreements, brochures, and business cards, and from medical texts to technical manuals or safety data sheets.

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