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Doing business in Estonia

View over Tallinn.

View over Tallinn.

Estonia is the smallest country of the Baltic States, but it has a well-developed economy. Skype, Transferwise, travelticket payment by mobile phone and voting in elections by mobile phone are a few of the important inventions that have propelled it forward. It is especially Finnish and Swedish companies that invest into and do a lot of business with this country. Estonia has a good infrastructure, a very well-organised ICT sector, and a highly-educated population. For this reason, it is the ideal location in which to set up high value production facilities. The IT skills that are present in Estonia are, above all, used by foreign companies to modernise traditional production processes. For example, a lot of office equipment is produced here for the European market.

Estonia is also a significant supplier of wood and paper. Packaging companies do a lot of business with Estonia. Due to Scandinavian influences, it is seen as being an easy country with which to do business, with no burdensome bureaucracy, and clear rules. The working language is Estonian. Do you plan to do business in Estonia? If so, our experts have put together a few tips on Estonian culture, which could stand you in good stead:

Tip 1: Preparation

Estonian business people come to meetings well prepared. The meeting and the agenda are planned in advance. Your first meeting will be formal and you will receive an introduction from your business counterpart. Then it’s time to you introduce yourself. However well Estonians speak English, it is still a good idea to get your brochures and documents translated into Estonian, to make everything clear and give a good impression. If necessary, hiring an interpreter could also be a good idea. Another tip is to get your business card translated into Estonian on one side.

Tip 2: Hierarchy

Estonian companies are organised hierarchically and decisions are made by the higher echelons of management. Decisions may take longer to be reached if they have to go through various departments before being put in front of the right person. It is therefore advisable to do business directly with the managing director. If this isn’t possible, it is best to ensure that your offers and proposals are translated into Estonian in order to speed up negotiations.

Tip 3: Professional translations

The translators at our translation agency know the language and the culture, so you can expect professionally translated documents from our agency. If you wish to have documents translated from Estonian into English during your stay in Estonia, you can also rely on our team for that. Feel free to contact one of our project managers for more information.

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