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Doing business in Finland

Mountains, lake and aurora borealis

Finland is not only a beautiful country with natural phenomena - it also offers great investment opportunities.

Finland is a country with a very attractive investment climate for foreign investors. Finland has no complicated regulations in place and there is hardly any bureaucracy at all. Finland’s geographical location as one of only two Northern European countries sharing a border with Russia is considered by investors to be a great advantage. Many companies export to Russia and the Baltic States via Finland. Exports can go through a company’s own branch, but companies sometimes choose to organise this through a Finnish partner.

In addition to the strategic location, Finland is also a country in which traditional industries offer opportunities for British companies. Companies that depend on the efficiency of workers choose Finland as a production location because of its high productivity levels. Through these traditional industries, Finnish companies work on high-value and pioneering innovations in the area of environmentally-friendly and energy efficient solutions for smart methods of transport, waste processing, and water treatment plants. We are pleased to be able to provide you with a number of tips for doing business in Finland.

Tip 1: A culture of dialogue

Meetings are arranged in order to gather or share information and, on the basis of this information, all parties are consulted in order to come to a consensus. Heated discussions are rare in Finland. Big decisions are also rarely made by one person, but rather by a group of managers who share the burden of responsibility. This means that the decision-making processes may take longer than you are used to.

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Tip 2: The language

Finnish is one of the most difficult languages in the world. On the whole, most Finns speak English. However, for professional businesspeople, a professional translation service is indispensable. These could be for investment applications, land purchase, local regulations, and employment contracts. All of these aspects occur in Finnish. Even if you import products from Finland and wish to sell them in the United Kingdom, you will need to translate labels and product descriptions into English. Our team can help you and your employees with translating your papers and correspondence into and from Finnish.

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