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Doing business in Portugal

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Portugal has a great deal of potential for a lot of companies. If you want to export products or services there, however, it is important to take various aspects of Portuguese business culture into account. Our translation agency has a few tips for you.

Getting to know each other

Making a potential partner’s acquaintance is always very formal at first. People shake hands on meeting each other and when taking their leave. Exchanging business cards is also part of that introduction. People are addressed with any title they may have as well as their surname.
Portuguese people generally want to feel things out and don’t immediately talk business. They will talk a lot about the history and culture of each other’s company and country. Football is also a favourite subject as well. Serious matters like politics should be avoided when meeting for the first time.


Just as in other Mediterranean countries, food plays a very big role in the life of the Portuguese. Business lunches are de rigueur. Although most meetings take place outside of the home, you may well be invited to someone’s place of residence. A small gift for the host or hostess is greatly appreciated.

The language

Portuguese is, unsurprisingly, spoken in Portugal. It is the dominant language in the business world. If your company is expanding into the country, you will need product descriptions, contracts, marketing texts and official documents translated into, and out of, Portuguese.
We have a great many translators at our disposal who are native speakers of Portuguese. These translators are also specialists in diverse fields of expertise, including technical, legal, medical, and marketing, for example. We find the most experienced translator for the subject of the text. If you would like to know more about how we work, feel free to get in touch with us.

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