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Doing business in Slovenia

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Doing business in another country is very different than doing business in the UK. Many companies that attempt the leap to another country often stumble over those differences, which can be particularly large in the business culture. They can be so large, in fact, that certain expressions can mean precisely the opposite in Slovenia of what they mean in our own country. It is therefore important to be clear about the business culture there. If you are well prepared, you will know what to expect and you will be able to anticipate situations. If you do want to do business in Slovenia, reading this article will be a good start. In it, our specialists provide advice for companies which want to do business in Slovenia.

Personal relationships

In Slovenia, people think it is very important that they first get to know the person they are talking to before getting down to business. The person you meet for the first time will therefore ask you all sorts of questions. Answer them and ask politely about the other person’s family and life. Keep the conversation relaxed and easy, and don’t start with business. It will be considered an insult if you immediately start talking trade deals. This also applies to talking about business whilst eating. For Slovenians a meal is a time for relaxation. Show that you’re interested in the country, the person’s company, and the person themself. You will then see that business will come of its own accord. Patience is a virtue in this country.

Business gifts and business cards

It is usual to present business gifts in Slovenia and the partner you are speaking to will be very happy with a beautiful gift. What the gift actually comprises is not so important, something typically British such as flowers, wine, or chocolate, will be fine. If you receive a gift yourself, you are expected to open it in front of the giver.

Business cards are very important in Slovenian business culture. Make sure that you have enough of them with you and it is also advisable to have one side translated into Slovenian. When you receive a business card yourself, make sure that you study it carefully before you put it away.

Slovenian translations

You can make a very good impression by having your business documents translated into Slovenian - and not just business cards but leaflets, brochures, and any contracts. Our project managers have a lot of experience in translating texts out of, and into, Slovenian. For more information, please get in touch with our specialists. They will be happy to speak to you.

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