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Doing business in South Africa

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The strong financial sector and the good infrastructure mean that South Africa offers a range of opportunities for the potential entrepreneur. Starting a business in South Africa or doing business with a South African company is a good investment. We have provided some tips below to give you an impression of what you can expect if you do business in South Africa.

Tip 1: Work permit

A work permit is compulsory if you want to get started in South Africa as an entrepreneur. The application process is protracted, however. A lawyer who knows their way around the applicable laws and regulations may be the best way in which you can get started.

Tip 2: Investment in the business partner

South Africans take the view that people have to be able to trust each other. A good deal of the process of doing business is therefore based on trust and mutual respect. You cannot assume that trust from day one, however, and you have to invest in the relationship. Meetings to strengthen the relationship generally take place in a local restaurant and not in an office or at home.

Tip 3: Corporate responsibility

A company is not only judged on its innovation and products in South Africa, but on its social responsibility. Investment in the local population is key. This includes training people and passing on specific expertise.

Tip 4: Cultural background and history

South Africa is a culturally diverse country and your efforts will be repaid if you take the trouble to learn more about the background and history of the area in which you do business. Culture and religion are closely connected with this background and should be studied carefully in order to avoid misunderstandings. If a South African sees that you know little or nothing about the country, they will be less inclined to want to work with you.

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