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Doing business in Tajikistan

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If you are planning to do business abroad, you will be required to put in the necessary preparation. You will also often be confronted by significant cultural differences. We sometimes see these differences when making agreements between companies in our own country, never mind abroad. And the further we go to do business, the greater the differences become.
Tajikistan may not spring to mind as the most obvious location for a business partner, but it is a country in which an increasing number of companies are doing business. The export of cotton and aluminium in particular have grown explosively. In this article, experts from our translation agency provide you with some tips about the customs of the inhabitants of this country.

Investment in the business relationship

People in Tajikistan consider personal contact with business associates to be very important. Feel free to ask about the family, business, and career of the person to whom you are speaking. Avoid political subjects, however, as they can be quite sensitive in this country. Given that Tajikistan is an Islamic country, it is also very sensible to dress appropriately. This means a smart suit for men and clothing which covers the knees and shoulders for women. Smoking, drinking and eating pork are also generally not advisable. Always wait to see what your business associate does in these situations.

Promotional gifts

Giving and receiving presents is unusual in Tajikistan but it is not strange or insulting if you give one. It won’t be expected from you in any case. If you are invited to a wedding or another form of celebration, you should accept it because a refusal could be taken as an insult.

The language

The official language in Tajikistan is Persian (sometimes also called Farsi) but Russian is also used a lot in the business world. If you need a translation out of, or into, one of these languages, we will be happy to help. We only work with experienced native speakers who specialise in a particular field of expertise. Whether your documents are legal, agricultural, technical or medical, we will find the best translator for you.

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