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Doing business in the Basque Country

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This autonomous region in Spain, known as the Basque Country (as opposed to the greater Basque (speaking) country which straddles the Franco-Spanish border and the borders of other Spanish regions) may well be part of Spain, but it still demands a different way of doing business. Treating Spain and the Basque Country as one and the same is one of the first pitfalls you need to avoid if you want to do business there. The language can also be an obstacle. Making use of our translation agency can help you avoid misunderstandings.

If you want to do business in the Basque Country, or with Basques in your own country, then you are going to be confronted with significant cultural differences. You should prepare for this by finding out about their culture. The experts in our translation agency have put together a few tips for you which offer some insight into the customs and attitudes of Basque people.

Tip 1: Punctuality and flexibility

Basque people are generally punctual and direct but planning far into the future is not something they do in general so when do you make an appointment, make sure that it’s not too far in advance. That said, a Basque business partner can be very flexible if a meeting can’t go ahead for any reason. A short telephone call is all that’s needed to postpone it and set up a new time and place.

Tip 2: Their word is their bond

Basque culture has a strong oral tradition in which people are expected to keep their word. This also means that Basque people will expect you to trust them on their word, just as they trust you. A handshake to conclude an agreement is just as binding as a signature on a document. This doesn’t mean that the details don’t have to be set down on paper, of course, but trust in financial matters is a matter of honour.

Tip 3: Informal

The Basque dress code is generally relaxed and informal. Business clothing worn to emphasis a position or status won’t impress. The man or woman who turns up at the agreed location casually dressed isn’t necessarily a junior and is more likely to be the director.

The Basque Country and us

When doing business in the Basque Country, you may require Basque, Spanish or English translations. The latter two languages are often used for business meetings. We employ recognised translators with extensive experience who also have the authority to translate official documents (sworn translators). Email us your document now and ask for a no-obligation quotation. You can also get in touch with our project managers, and they will be happy to speak to you.

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