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Doing business in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s up-and-coming economies. Our specialists are happy to be able to give you some tips on doing business in this country in order to better prepare you should you wish to expand your business.

Tip 1: Personal contact

Czechs place a lot of importance on personal contact. Initial meetings are usually meant to get to know each other better. Getting down to business straight away can be counterproductive. During the first meeting, it is best to avoid launching immediately into a business conversation. You can, for example, talk about the Czech Republic. Czechs are very patriotic and are proud of their country. Some knowledge of the country’s history is highly appreciated.

Tip 2: Status and hierarchy

The Czech business world revolves around status and hierarchy. The people with the highest status or level of education are at the head of the company and it is they who make the decisions. Do not be surprised if your business contact first has to report to their boss or ask for authorisation. Always state any titles you may have on your business card. This raises your status and ensures that you are more quickly taken seriously.

Tip 3: Time

Take the time to meet a Czech in person. If the meeting goes well and you are well received, it is normal for a meeting to go on for some time. It is therefore a good idea not to plan any meetings straight afterwards. It is seen as very impolite to cut things short if your Czech counterpart doesn’t feel that the meeting has come to its natural conclusion

Tip 4: Friday afternoon

Many businesses in the Czech Republic are closed on a Friday afternoon so do not plan any meetings for that time. Friday afternoons are for family and free time. If you know your Czech business partner personally, you can, of course, get together on a Friday afternoon, but not to talk shop.

Tip 5: Language

Czechs, and especially the younger generation, generally speak good English. The older generations primarily speak a German dialect as a second language. Although you can get by with English, translating your business card, for example, into Czech, is always a good idea and will be much appreciated. If you translate your official documents, letters, and emails into Czech, your business will generally progress more successfully. Our agency has a lot of experience with the Czech market and can therefore be of help in translating a wide array of documents.

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