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Although many Germanic languages were influenced by French and borrowed many words from the language, Icelandic managed to keep loan words out for a long time. Nevertheless, Icelandic now has many loan words from, among other languages, French. Speakers of these two languages regularly come into contact with each other through diplomatic connections or political co-operation, for instance, between Iceland and countries in which French is spoken. Companies from countries in which French is spoken also do business with Icelandic companies. When French and Icelandic come into contact with each other in this way, it is naturally handy to make use of translations. This is where our translation agency can be an excellent partner for you. Thanks to the fact that we have been working for years in the translation industry, we are in touch with a large number of translators who all have a particular speciality. This means that we can always find somebody who is ideal to translate your document.

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There are, of course, thousands of different translators all over the world. The translators who work for us therefore do their best to distinguish themselves. This is why many of our translators specialise in a specific field of expertise. If you want something translated out of French and into Icelandic about the culture in France, for instance, there will be a translator in our agency’s network who will have the experience with that sort of text. There are also translators available who specialise in legal documents or technical specifications. For every area of expertise, we can find a translator who specialises in it. Furthermore, all our translators are native speakers of the target language. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your translation. When your documents have to be translated from French into Icelandic, a translator who has spoken Icelandic since childhood, and who knows how to convey your message as powerfully as possible, will work on them.

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You will, of course, want to know how much any translation is going to cost beforehand. Luckily, it’s very easy to ask for a quotation from us by email or with the form on our website. Send the document to be translated to us and one of our staff will send a quotation to you, obligation free. And if you have any questions, our project managers will be happy to answer them. Get in touch with them by telephone to find out what your options may be.

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