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Georgian is the official language of Georgia. The language is a member of the South Caucasian language family, languages which are spoken south of the Great Caucasus, the mountain range which lies between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Georgian is the most widely-spoken language in this family with more than seven million speakers. Speakers of the other languages speak Georgian as a second language.

The remarkable thing about Georgian is that it has its own, phonemic alphabet so that it is a standardised written language. The alphabet dates from the tenth century but it has precursors which are even older.

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The Georgian alphabet has 28 consonants and five vowels, all of which have their own character. The combinations of consonants which sometimes occur in the language can be remarkable; four or five consonants can follow each other in a word, making pronunciation even more difficult for foreigners. Georgian doesn’t have any articles or grammatical gender, but there are postpositions instead of prepositions. These postpositions have the same function as prepositions, it’s just that they come after the word instead of in front of it.

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If you need a translation into or from Georgian, it is important that it is translated precisely and with sufficient knowledge of the subject. Our professional translators are always native-speakers of the target language, in this case, Georgian. They also specialise in a specific field of expertise. Whether it’s a medical, legal, commercial, or literary translation, we find the best translator for your text.


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