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The Icelandic language has borrowed various words from the German language. Although the inhabitants of Iceland used to see themselves as guardians of their language and culture, and did everything to keep other languages from their shores, Icelandic has collected a great many loan words in the course of time. A number of these loan words have come from German. Another similarity is that German and Icelandic both belong to the Indo-European family. But apart from that, the languages have little in common. This doesn’t mean that speakers of these languages don’t have to communicate with each other though. On the contrary, political contacts and trade and business between companies in both countries mean that it is often useful to have translations at your disposal. Our agency can help you efficiently, with excellent translations of documents out of German and into Icelandic. Not only do our translators have a great deal of experience, they are also specialists in various fields of expertise.

Icelandic as native language

The fact that our translators specialise in different areas of expertise is to the advantage of everyone including, above all, you as the client. If you need to have translated a document about the environment, for instance, then a translator will work on it who has a lot of experience in that subject, which means that the quality will be better. But that isn’t all, of course. All of our translators speak the target language as natives, so that if the document has to be translated out of German and into Icelandic, it will be done by a translator who speaks Icelandic as a native speaker.

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If you would like to know more about how we ensure high quality translations or how the process works in our company, you can always get in touch with us. Our project managers can be contacted every day by telephone and they will help you with any questions you may have. You can also get in touch with them during the translation process if need be - they will be happy to help you. Requesting a no-obligation quotation is also easy. Send us an email with the document to be translated as an attachment or attach the document to the quotation form on our website.

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