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A lot of languages are mutually unintelligible while their speakers still often come into contact with each other. German and Lithuanian, for example, are so different that speakers cannot understand each other while the languages seem so similar. Lithuanian has borrowed a great many words from German and the grammar is similar in some respects. Unfortunately, the similarities are not great enough for speakers of the two languages to understand each other. Luckily, our agency can act as your partner with regard to the translation of your documents out of German and into Lithuanian.

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Our agency has an established presence in the translation industry and we know better than anyone how important quality is. When you have your documents translated from German into Lithuanian by us, a translator will be allocated who is a native speaker of Lithuanian and who knows its subtleties. Our translators also specialise in certain fields so that we can match the right person with your document.

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If you send us an email with the document to be translated or if you complete the form on the website, we will send you a quotation entirely without obligation. And if you want to ask some questions or need more information first, feel free to get in touch with our project managers. They will support you through the entire translation process as well.

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