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Although German and Slovak are not by any means closely related languages, there are still a number of similarities to be found between them. First of all, they both belong to the Indo-European language family. Slovak also has a number of German loan words. The German language has, after all, had a lot of influence on the countries which surround it. Nevertheless, the languages are not mutually intelligible by their speakers, although those speakers are often in contact with each other. Both languages are found in the European Union, they are spoken in countries which are not far from each other, and business is done across the whole of Europe, of course, including the countries in which these languages are spoken.

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The quality of a translation is extremely important. You may get glossy brochures and handouts printed for your company, but if they’re full of mistakes then you’re not going to make a good impression. It is therefore important that your translations are reliably good ones. If you get your translations done by our agency, you can be certain that you are going to be working with a translator who is particularly suitable for your document. Your document will always be translated by a native speaker of the language in which it ultimately has to be read. In this case, you will have a translator who has been speaking Slovak since childhood. Furthermore, we have assembled translators over the course of many years who specialise in all sorts of fields. This means that we can match you with a translator who knows a great deal about the field in which you need your translations.

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