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Korean translations by professional specialists.

Our team provides translations into and from Korean in every conceivable field of expertise. We work with native-speakers who possess extensive experience of translating in various fields such as, for instance, marketing texts, business cards, manuals, press releases, text about art, legal documents, and international cooperation agreements. All of our translators are carefully selected and have graduated from university. Translators who, for example, specialise in technical translations, have often gained experience in industry and possess the necessary professional expertise for complex descriptions of installations and machines. Thanks to our extensive network, we always find the right translator for your translation jobs, whatever your field may be.

The Korean language

Korean is the official language both of North and South Korea. Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is phonetic. The Korean language is an isolated language, one that is not related to Chinese or Japanese as is often thought. There are many dialects in Korean but the dialect spoken in Seoul is considered to be ‘official’ Korean.

Translations into and from Korean

Translations into and from Korean may be necessary if you want to expand your business in Korea, or if you have Korean business partners. Whether it’s a website, marketing campaign, legal documents, or personal correspondence, we will be happy to help you. Feel free to get in touch with one of our project managers or send us the texts you want translated for a no-obligation quotation.

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