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One word for one world

The Kurdish translation agency

Kurdish is a collective name for the various dialects that are spoken in various regions of Western Asia. The two most spoken varieties are Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji) and Central Kurdish (Sorani). Our translation agency provides translations out of, and into, these two varieties in every field of expertise, whether it be medical, technical, or commercial, for example.

The different dialects of Kurdish are all unique but most Kurds can understand each other’s dialect and they can communicate well with each other. The fact that Kurdish has different dialects means that it is important to have a translator who is aware of the differences and nuances in the language.

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We work with professional native-speaker translators from all over the world. You are also at the right place for translations into, and out of, Kurdish. You can send the documents you need translating to our project managers by email.. Tell us which language or languages you need the documents translating into and what the deadline is. One of our project managers will quickly send you a no-obligation quotation. We’ll look for the right translator for your document, someone who specialises in that field, so that you can be assured of a translation that you can use upon receipt.

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