One word for one world
One word for one world


Precision translations

For a number of years we have enjoyed very close working relationships with some of the largest banks in the Netherlands. Banking is precision work and this is exactly the standard that our translations need to live up to. Our translator network includes a large number of financial translators, people who know the ins and outs of the banking world and who understand the language and terminology used by bankers. These translators work very hard and can translate an average of 2,500 words a day.

1,000,000 Words

Urgent translation projects with a large number of words are an exciting challenge for our agency. A recent request from one of the largest banks in the Netherlands to translate 850,000 words in a short period of time was completed by a specialist translation team that was brought together exclusively for this job. The challenge was to assemble a team who were not only experts in financial matters, but who also had full knowledge of computer science. The text was to be translated from Dutch into English, after which it was sent to India to be used as the source document for software development. This project was an enormous success and was followed up within a matter of weeks with another 1,000,000 words.

Immediate start

Our enormous database of specialist translators allows us to have no trouble at all in finding translators who are available to start work immediately. Our translators are located around the world, allowing us to take advantage of different time zones and to be able to work 24 hours a day on a project.

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