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Mandarin is the official and legal business language of China, and it is spoken by nearly one billion people around the world. It’s the national language of the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan, and is spoken in Singapore and Malaysia and by countless Chinese living abroad.

Various Chinese ethnic groups located outside northern China learn Mandarin as a foreign language in school and speak it as a second language. Standard Chinese is also the language of the media.

Taiwanese is the only other Chinese language to enjoy a certain special status, and it is tolerated in the media for political and economic reasons. Nevertheless, Mandarin’s position as the official state language and national standard remains undisputed.

Naturally, we offer you professional translations to and from this important language. Our translators are native speakers with relevant knowledge of a wide variety of fields.

Characteristics of Mandarin

Spoken Mandarin is based on the regional pronunciation of the Peking dialect. Standard Chinese, or Mandarin, is a tonal language like all Chinese dialects. Syllables may have as many as four tones or none at all, pronounced atonally. With fewer than 500 syllables, standard Chinese is a relatively understandable dialect. It borrows from many other languages, however, especially Japanese, as well as Latin, Italian, Mongolian, English and regional dialects.

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Our native-speaking translators can provide impeccable translations in any field. We have a huge network of professionals to call upon, so we can always find the perfect translator for your job, whether you require a business document converted into Mandarin or an official record like a birth certificate translated from Mandarin into English.

Our extensive database of translators ensures that we can provide translations to and from any language and for any field. Contact our project managers for more information (by phone or email), or use the form to receive a prompt and no-obligation quote.

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