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The Romanian language is one of the Romanesque and Indo-European languages. Almost 30 million people in the world speak Romanian. It’s the official language of Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Vojvodina, Athos and the Latin Union. It’s also a recognised minority language in Hungary, the Ukraine and central Serbia.

Outside Europe, Romanian is widespread as well. There are Romanian communities, for example, in the United States and Canada, South America, Australia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Israel. Additionally, there are approximately 4 million people in the world who speak Romanian as a second language.

Italian is the most closely related language to Romanian, so Romanians can usually understand Italians very well.

The history of the Romanian language

Church in Bucharest.
Romanian is derived from Latin, and has four dialects, which are so different that they are sometimes considered to be completely distinct languages.

The Romanian vocabulary today is derived to a great extent from words of Latin origin. However, the language also contains loanwords from Italian, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Rhaeto-romanic and Spanish, as well as Greek, Hungarian, German and Turkish.

The Romanian language was initially written using the Cyrillic alphabet. Only toward the end of the 19th century was Cyrillic replaced by the Latin alphabet.

Romanian spelling is heavily based on the actual pronunciation of a word. This linguistic particularity means that new characters have often had to be introduced into the language. Our native-speaking translators know these particularities well and are able to translate your texts with absolute accuracy.

How much does a translation into Romanian cost?

The standard rate for translations from English into Romanian is £ 0.13 per word, and for translations from Romanian into English, the industry rate is £ 0.17.

Do you need a translation into Romanian or vice versa?

If you need a professional translation to or from Romanian, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily help you with translations in all subject areas. If you need a certified translation of a document, such as a birth certificate for an immigration agency, written in Romanian, please visit our page about certified translations.

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