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Russian and Slovak have various similarities. Both originated from the same parent language and belong to the same language family. Not only are Russian and Slovak both Indo-European languages, they are also Slavic languages. This can principally be found in the pronunciation of words. Nevertheless, the languages differ from each other so much that they are not mutually intelligible. Russian is a North Slavic language while Slovak is a West Slavic language. Russian and Slovak speakers often have quite a bit of contact with each other. Because people in Europe are increasingly working with each other, speakers of the two languages are coming into contact more and more often. Furthermore, the countries in which the two languages are spoken are in the same region, so that the language areas are also often in contact with each other. And we still haven’t mentioned the process of doing business, which is something that is happening further and further afield.

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If you are looking for good translators who work with Russian into Slovak, then we can be of service to you. We are a well-known translation agency and we work with translators who have proven themselves time and time again. Our translators are also different from the rest because they specialise in a certain field of expertise. We have translators in our network who specialise in art and culture while others have an affinity for politics or marketing. We have specialist translators for almost every field of expertise, which means that we can always allocate a translator who not only has an excellent command of the language, but who has an extensive knowledge of the subject. And if that isn’t enough, our translators only translate into their native language (the native-speaker principle). Your documents are therefore translated from Russian into Slovak by someone who is ideally suited to handle such work because they are a native speaker.

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You can request a no-obligation quotation right now by sending the document to be translated to us by email or by using the form on our website. We will then send you a quotation as soon as possible. Even if you have only questions or want more information to begin with, do get in touch with us. Our project managers are ready every day to help you.

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