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Somali is an Afro-Asiatic language spoken by about 12 million people, mainly in the Horn of Africa. It’s the official language of Somalia, Somaliland, the so-called Somali region, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Outside of Somalia, the language is spoken by the people who were forced to flee from the dictator Siad Barres. For this reason, groups of Somali speakers exist in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as in some Scandinavian countries, Italy and the Netherlands. These native speakers of Somali living outside of Somalia make up a group of over 3 million people.

Somali: A long tradition

For generations, Somali was passed down orally. Then, for centuries, Somali was written using a special form of Arabic script before it was eventually decided to use the Latin alphabet for writing Somali.

Somali was standardised after it was declared the official language of Somalia. All mass media, as well as the entire educational system of Somalia, had to be switched from English and Italian to Somali. At the time, there were high levels of illiteracy in the Somali population. But as of today, more than half of the inhabitants of Somalia can read and write.

This means that the requirement for translations to and from Somali is growing. And we can help you translate all your documents, no matter how small or large, and no matter the subject.

The Somali language has many idiosyncrasies; for example, the meaning of a word in a sentence is emphasised by a strong inflection, and nouns can also be defined as masculine or feminine.

So you need a professional translator who really understands these specific features of the Somali language.

How much does a translation into Somali cost?

The standard rate for translations from English into Somali is £ 0.16 per word, and for translations from Somali into English, the industry rate is £ 0.16.

Look no further for professional translators to or from Somali

Our translators are all native speakers who can provide top-notch, accurate translations of your texts in terms of the language’s specific cultural and linguistic characteristics.

Our project managers don’t just take language into consideration when selecting the right translator for your project. They also take into account your subject field. In our huge database of professional translators, we can always find someone who has expertise in your industry. This guarantees that complicated medical, legal or other technical documents are translated accurately.

We also translate from Somali to other languages, including English. If, for example, you need a certified translation of a marriage licence or birth certificate from Somalia, we can provide this for presentation to an immigration agency. We can do this because we have native English speakers who are also fluent in Somali. In fact, any language combination is easy for us to accomplish for you.

Give us a ring, send us an email or use the Quote Request Form on this page. We’ll be happy to send you a price quote for your project at no cost or obligation.

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