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We will be happy to help you with your translations for Surinam, into or from Sranan Tongo.

Professional translations into and out of Sranan Tongo

Our translation agency works with an extensive range of freelance specialists who only translate into their mother tongue. That’s why we can guarantee fast, high quality translations into any language you want. This doesn’t just apply to translations into the most common European languages like English, German, Spanish, and French, but also more foreign languages like Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and languages like Sranan Tongo.

About Sranan Tongo

Sranan Tongo, also known as Surinamese, is the most widely spoken language in Surinam. It was originally the language of the black community there. Although Dutch is taught as the official language in schools in Surinam, Sranan Tongo is the common language, the one which is spoken most often in everyday use and one that is increasingly being used in print. The first official spelling was introduced in the sixties, allowing the language to play a more serious role in the Surinamese community. There’s even a Miffy book in Sranan Tongo.

Sranan Tongo is often confused with Papiamento, although they are two entirely different languages and Papiamento is spoken on the islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

Languages other than Dutch and Sranan Tongo are also spoken in Surinam: the Indo-Surinamese speak Surinamese Hindustani, which is not actually Hindustani but is a regional language known as Bhojpuri which hails from India. The various tribes also have different languages: Saramaccan, Aucan, Aluki, Mataway, and Kwinti. The indigenous inhabitants have their own set of languages: descendants of migrants from Java mainly speak a Javanese creole and there is a large group which is of Chinese origin who speak Hakka and Mandarin.

Our Sranan Tongo translation agency

We can provide you with Sranan Tongo translations in all specialist fields. As well as, for example, medical, financial, technical, and commercial translation work, our agency can also provide business translations. And for every specialist field we have just the right translator for your document. We don’t just provide English-Sranan Tongo and Sranan Tongo-English translations, but all other possible combinations.

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