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One word for one world


The translation of websites (sometimes also referred to as localisation) is a very specific field of expertise in the world of translation services. Localisation requires special consideration for the cultural differences in other countries, ensuring these are correctly represented in the translation. Also, a thorough knowledge of the website’s industry is an essential condition for a successful translation.

A website translation also needs to satisfy a number of other rules which apply to the internet, for example user friendliness (usability), access, etc. The translators must also be familiar with a variety of different file formats (eg html, php, xliff, xml, jsp).

Professional, highly qualified translators

Our translators work exclusively in accordance with the mother tongue principle (“native speakers”). This means they will only translate into their native language. They also have above average qualifications based on many years of experience, a high level of specialisation in specific areas of expertise (technology, law, medicine, financial, etc) and they constantly update their professional knowledge through different training courses. Our translation agency is therefore optimally equipped with personnel and technical means for the translation of websites in all language combinations.

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