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One word for one world


In today’s globalised world, and with the development of the internet, it has become increasingly easier to trade between nations. This has led to a growing need for companies to translate their Terms and Conditions into other languages.

The Terms and Conditions define how a contract is implemented between organisations. They contain both general and specific arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, and standards that form an integral part of an agreement or contract. Among other things, they can include what is being sold as part of the contract, the price of the items being sold, how the items are shipped, how orders are paid for, how item returns are handled, how orders are approved, and from which location orders are shipped. Many Terms and Conditions also reference business policies, because many aspects of a shop's operations are defined by business policies.

Specialist legal translators

Each of our translators is an expert in a specific field. This means that they either have a degree in that subject or a vast amount of work experience, and often a separate translation degree that is specific to that topic. All contracts and legal documents are entrusted to our specialist legal translators, people who mainly translate in this field alone and are therefore familiar with the correct terminology and phraseology.


Although quality is our priority, we take pride in the fast, friendly service that we provide. Once we have received your document, a quote will be sent to you soon after, usually within an hour during office hours. When we have received your approval to proceed, we immediately begin the translation. Then, depending upon the size of the document, we can often return the translation on the same day.

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