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Azerbaijani translations

At our agency, you’re in the right place for translations into, and out of, Azerbaijani. We have an international network of translators which allows us to offer practically every language combination. We work with a pool of expert translators in Azerbaijan itself, people who are native speakers of the language. A translation, or a no-obligation quotation, can be arranged for you in no time. Send us the documents that you want translating into, or out of, Azerbaijani to our email address, and we will send you a quotation as quickly as possible. As soon as you agree to it, we can get down to work.

A country and a language in development

Azerbaijani is a Turkic language. It is, unsurprisingly, the official language of Azerbaijan, but various forms are also spoken in eastern Turkey, in parts of Georgia, and in the Azerbaijani region of Iran. An estimated thirty million people speak Azerbaijani. The language has been in existence for hundreds of years and has been influenced by the Persian and Russian cultures. During the Soviet period it was written in Cyrillic but since the country’s independence in 1991, the language has been written in the Latin alphabet again. However, it’s not just the way in which the language is written that has changed since independence - Azerbaijan’s economy is also transforming. The country has enormous oil and gas reserves in the Caspian Sea and a large number of international organisations are doing business with Azerbaijani companies which specialise in this area. The ICT industry has also grown enormously. In addition, more and more companies are opting to co-ordinate their regional activities from Azerbaijan because the technological infrastructure is highly modern and the living conditions are very good.

Expertise and specialisation

Our agency’s translators are familiar with every aspect of the Azerbaijani language. They are also native speakers and they are often still living in the country. This is how they and our agency ensure that you get a prefect translation with a contemporary use of language. At the same time, all of our translators have specialist knowledge in a specific field. Their experience in their field of expertise not only means that they are knowledgeable, but it also means that they understand and can reproduce the style and jargon of that field, ensuring that you can have confidence in a translation which is of the highest standards.

Professional Azerbaijani translations

We translate general and industry specific documents into and out of Azerbaijani. Our team includes translators with expertise in the oil and gas industry but it also includes translators of Azerbaijani who are experts in law, finance, and IT. We provide companies and private individuals with translations into, and out of, Azerbaijani. Ask for a no obligation quotation for the translation of your documents into Azerbaijani and discover what our agency can offer you. You can do this by just completing the quotation form or sending the document to us by email and if you have any questions, you can get in touch with our project managers. They are already looking forward to hearing from you.

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