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We carefully select the correct specialist for the subject of your e-book.

E-books are big business in today’s digital world. Writers and publishers can take advantage of this wonderful new development to reach a global audience for a minimal cost. Although this new technology has made the work of writers more accessible to a wider audience, the benefits of this can often not be fully attained unless the book is translated into the local language. With a little investment in a professional translation, authors can expand their market a hundredfold, to include the enormous markets of Europe and Asia.

Specialist translators for all genres

All of our translators are highly qualified professionals. Each translator is a specialist in a different area, so no matter what the subject of the e-book, we have translators who are familiar with the terminology that is particular to that subject. This is particularly important for technical, medical, or legal e-books. In addition, if the e-book is a romance or thriller novel, we have translators with creative writing degrees whose speciality is knowing how to engage the audience with a fluid writing style.

Our translators take pride in providing a top-quality translation, one that stays loyal to the original tone and style of the text, retaining all of the humour and idiosyncrasies of the original language and translating them to suit the new language. They take great care to provide a translation of such high quality that the reader would think that the e-book was originally written in that language. Naturally, we only use translators who are native speakers of the e-book’s target language.

Free quote

To receive a free, no-obligation quote for your e-book, please email us your original document. One of our friendly project managers will contact you soon after with a quotation. If you are concerned with confidentiality then you can instead send us a solitary chapter of the book, so that we can assess the language style being used, and then you can use the word count tool on your computer to provide us with an accurate word count so that we can inform you of the overall cost of a translation.

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