One word for one world
One word for one world

Film projects and other media

With the advent of globalisation, the use of media is one of the most common ways of getting a message across borders. A priority for many companies when entering a new market is the precise translations of films, media reports, articles, documentaries, advertisements, and other marketing material. We understand the importance of accurate translations when it comes to communicating with new cultures. We provide high quality, accurate media translation services at competitive rates.

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The transcription and translation of the spoken word takes special care.

From transcribing to translating

With the translation of a film, the first step of the process is transcribing the audio file. It is hard to get an accurate estimation of how long it will take to transcribe a file, because if the person is speaking quickly then the transcribing process will take longer. The quality of the audio file also plays a role in determining how long the transcription will take. As a rough guide, with audio files that are longer than one hour, it takes between three to five times as long the audio file itself to transcribe it. If the audio file is shorter than one hour, it can take between five to ten times the length of the audio file to transcribe it. The person doing the transcribing work is always a native speaker of the language that is being spoken. When the transcription is complete, the file is given to a native speaker of the target language for translation.

To gain an idea of how many words your audio file contains and therefore how many words need translating, a person generally speaks about a hundred words per minute. However, if a person is speaking quickly, there can be many more words to transcribe.


For transcribing files, we charge an hourly rate. Once we have the transcription and we know how many words it contains, we can then provide an accurate price for the translation. Otherwise, we can agree in advance on a word price that will be charged.

In order to receive a free, no-obligation quote for your audio file, please send us an email with the details of the project and your contact information. One of our project managers will contact you soon after with details of how to transfer your large audio file to our secure server. Of course, you can always call any of our offices to confer with one of the project managers.

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