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One word for one world


Strawberries and Snow
Two strawberries

No project is impossible for our translation team. Even if a document for translation contains words or terms which don’t exist in the target language, our translators will find the right description. Our expertise lies in finding the right translator for a specific translation project. We are very flexible and are well known for our out-of-the-box mentality.

For example, we were recently approached for a translation from German into Inuktitut, a language spoken by a group of Greenland Eskimos. The text was intended for an advertisement for a strawberry-flavoured alcoholic drink. The word ‘snow’ played a prominent part in the text, as did the term ‘delicious’. In this particular case, we located an Inuktitut translator in Hawaii. However, this proved to be just the beginning: the word ‘strawberry’ doesn’t exist in Inuktitut, for the very logic reason that strawberries simply don’t grow in Greenland. However, they certainly have plenty of snow; hard snow, soft snow, blue snow, etc. Greenland’s vocabulary boasts twenty-four words which describe the various different types of snow. The word for ‘delicious’ also has various different meanings and needed explaining.

Mountain with snow and a tiny figure
One of the main advantages of working with highly qualified translators is that they constantly think about the best possible way of translating something, and they always remain up-to-date on the very latest language developments. The translator in question came up with an appealing description of the flavour for this drink but, luckily, the Inuktitut Language Institute published a list of two hundred new words that could be added to the language literally just before the deadline. Included in this list was the word for ‘strawberry’.

This is what we love about our job: nothing is impossible and we pride ourselves on always finding the right solution. Contact one of our project managers if you have a project that seem impossible, and find out what we can do for you.

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