How much does a translation cost?

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The exact price of a translation depends on the source and target languages, the nature of the text and the desired delivery time, among other factors. Upon receipt of your document or documents, we will analyse them and provide you with a customised, non-binding quotation.

If you are wondering what your translation will approximately cost, but you are unable to send us your document at this point, you can find more about how to request an indication of the price, please find the page about price indications in the menu below.

Our project managers would be more than happy to inform you about our current minimum fees and other pricing information you may require. If you call or email us, we will present you with as much information as we can based on what you can tell us about your translation needs.

Please be aware that, without looking at the actual documents, we can only give you a rough indication of the price. We are often able to offer a discount if you don’t need the translation right away or if a text contains a lot of repetitive phrases. Therefore, it is always best to email us your document.


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