One word for one world
One word for one world


We strive to provide the highest-quality translations for the lowest-possible price.

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The price of your translation will be calculated according to several factors:

Each translation is handled by an experienced professional – a native speaker of the target language of the document. We also carefully select that translator whose experience matches the subject of the text, so guaranteeing translations of the highest quality, containing the correct terminology for that subject.

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Discounts for repeat customers

If you expect to have more translation work related to the subject, we will store the translations in a so-called translation memory. This allows us to process future orders at reduced cost, while consistency increases. Every time you send a new file, we will compare the contents with those of the translation memory. For the words which already have an accurate translation in the database, we will charge a percentage of the regular word price. These are not free of charge because we will still have to check whether the translation is accurate in the new context. Ask your project manager to create such a database for you. It is free of charge and will save you time and money in the future. Almost every text which we receive for translation has repetitions.

If you are looking for a quotation, please send us your document by email or give us a call. You will find our details on the contact page.

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