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One word for one world


Our company provides translation and interpretation services to businesses both in the public and private sectors. Our broad range of customers varies from individuals to small companies, government organisations, and large, multinational corporations. We serve customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, among others. We have a large number of repeat customers with whom we have formed a permanent collaboration process.

We are an experienced, dedicated, and reliable translation partner with:

Financial background

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Since the company’s foundation in 2000, Fasttranslator has enjoyed an average annual turnover growth of 20%. This high growth is attributed to a successful formula of premium quality translations, reasonable prices, and a fast service. Other contributing factors are strict financial management, our market expertise, and an unwavering desire to keep improving.

We are a financially solid organisation with no debts. Helping to maintain our position as market leaders in the field are a commitment to invest in long-term service and product improvements, a sharp sense of business acumen, well-considered strategies, and efficient procedures.

The company attaches a great deal of value to good logistics. Data management and confidentiality are at the top of our list of priorities. We have doubled up on all of our systems in order to guarantee continuity and the safety of information. We can quickly divert to other locations in case of emergency.


With more than a decade in the business, our company and its subsidiaries have an extensive range of experience with translations into and from most languages. We have translation experts in all subjects, from medical to legal, financial to technical, science to marketing, and almost anything in between.

Translations are the company’s core business. Our translators live and work in countries in which their native language is spoken. This means that they have in-depth knowledge of the country’s culture, its economic market, and other essential structures which are often important contributing factors when it comes to providing a superior translation. We translate into more than 150 languages and work within several professional areas.

Sophisticated internal project management systems that have been developed especially for Fasttranslator, as well as state-of-the-art translation software, make our processing and financial systems fast and efficient. This allows a project manager to focus all their attention on the customer and their specific requirements, and on finding the perfect translator for each job. Our project managers are friendly, efficient, multilingual, and can work on their own initiative.

We can satisfy virtually any specific reporting and invoicing request as a result of our internally developed software for project management, financial administration, and invoicing.


We combine a high level of quality with competitive pricing. Substantial cost savings are made possible through the use of translation software which saves a translation memory and counts repetitions in the text. We are convinced that our efficient approach and competitive prices are the basis for a solid and long-term working relationship.


At Fasttranslator, we are passionate about the translation industry. Our broad focus enables us to provide translations into and from all languages and which cover all subjects. In order to guarantee consistently premium-quality translations and maximum client satisfaction:

By adhering to these fundamental principles, we ensure that each translation fulfils all quality and confidentiality standards and conditions.

Business Model

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At Fasttranslator, our clients are our priority. We believe that outstanding service is the key to building solid, lasting relationships with our customers. A personalised service and attention to detail gives our clients the security of knowing that their project is being handled with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

Each client receives the dedicated support and service of their own personal project manager. This project manager remains their point of contact throughout the entire translation process and is the person responsible for the smooth orchestration of the project from start to finish. They are there to answer questions, solve problems, and ensure an easy and professional experience.

The project manager plays a key role in selecting and managing translators for every project. With careful screening of each document, they assess the text for its subject matter and level of difficulty, then search our translator database to select the translator whose skills and expertise best match the text. When a translator has extra training, prior work experience in the field, or a passion for a subject, it is natural that the translation will be well written and contains the correct terminology. This selection process and attention to detail is how we achieve consistently high quality results.

Our project managers are themselves multilingual, experienced, and well-educated. They are carefully selected based on their linguistic and commercial skills, as well as their ability to ‘think outside the box’. This last point is particularly important as each translation job is different, and finding a creative solution is often the most important element in the successful execution of a project. They are flexible and happy to work above and beyond ordinary office hours in the case of an urgent translation or in communications with clients and translators on the other side of the world. They work with the utmost discretion and regularly deal with highly confidential documents of a sensitive nature.

Each project manager is a member of a country team and, should your normal project manager not be available, your project will automatically be transferred to one of the other team members in order to avoid delays. Working in teams means that there is always someone available to help you and provides a solid support network for our project managers in large, multilingual projects.

Our sophisticated, custom-developed project management systems and state-of-the-art translation software make our processing and financial systems fast and efficient. This allows the project manager to focus all of their attention on the customer, their requirements, and finding the perfect translator for each job.

Confidentiality and the secure protection of information is crucial to the success of our company. We work with two sets of all systems which increases security and the reliability of all our operating technology.

All core administrative tasks are carried out from the company’s head office. This centralised approach forms a structure which ensures the lowest possible level of expense and has enabled Fasttranslator’s steady, untroubled growth.


We collaborate with over 2,000 repeat customers. Our clients range from private individuals to governmental authorities, NGOs, and limited companies in every sector. This diverse customer base is spread across the world.

Our professional translating solutions can be applied literally to all types of documents, even private correspondence and speeches. This diversity has resulted in a multifarious client base, one that repeatedly returns with fresh business.

Should a client come back with a document that is similar to the previous one, we will endeavour to use the same translator as before to ensure quality and consistency in all translations.


Fasttranslator works with the very latest translation tools, especially Trados, Transit, Wordfast, DejaVu, and SDLX.

These programmes build up a memory which can be used to ensure the consistent use of terminology in each translation. They are not automatic translation programmes, however. They are used to assist the translator in a text that contain many repetitions, by remembering terminology that has previously been used, and thereby increase the translation speed for a large volume of text. The programmes contain dictionaries and spell checkers and the translator can also use the memory from previous translations as reference material.

On the whole, the translation tools contribute to Fasttranslator being able to offer faster, high quality translations with consistent use of terminology.

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