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Should you have ended up on our website whilst looking for a translation machine, you may find the following suggestions of some use.

Most translation machines function reasonably well. Automatic translations can sometimes be quite useful with major languages like French and Spanish, just to get a rough idea about a specific text. But do consider the fact that these translation programs can also completely miss the mark at times. After all, there is absolutely no human involvement.

If your text is important and really must be translated properly, click here to request a quote for a professional translation that has been completed by our translation agency's translation specialists.

Fasttranslator offers a completely separate service for texts that do not need to be translated to the highest possible level of quality, under the name of This service works with recently graduated translators, resulting in a considerably lower price.

Translation machines on the Web

Babelfish, perhaps the oldest and best known translation machine.

Google Translate offers reasonable quality. Users can also indicate improvements to the translations suggested by Google. Google Translate offers translations between English, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch.

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